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Series: The Magnificent modern mosaics of Israel - CHAGALL LOUNGE, THE KNESSET

The 12 mosaics featured here, created in the 1960s by world-renowned artist Marc Chagall, boast the most prestigious setting on this list – the fourth floor of Israel’s Knesset. They borrow from the themes that appear in the ancient mosaics found in fifth- and sixth-century synagogues in the country, and as such include images such as fruit, animals and vegetation.

The stones for these floor mosaics come from all over Israel: the light-colored ones from Jerusalem, the black and brown from northern Israel and the green and blue from the Timna quarry near Eilat in the south. The yellow and orange pieces are Murano glass from Venice.

The Chagall Lounge also incorporates a big wall mosaic and three huge tapestries created by the artist.

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