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Today: 36 years since the capture of IAF battle navigator Ron Arad

Arad was captured by the terrorist organization "Amal" after during an attack in Lebanon he was forced to abandon his plane due to a bomb that the missile caused to explode near the plane and took out his instruments.

The pilot of the plane - Yishai Aviram was rescued by helicopter (Attached photo with Aviram hanging on to the helicopter's guard rail) but the crews were unable to locate Arad. 

In Israel it is not known what happened to him of the battle navigator and the estimates are that he died in captivity several years after his capture.

Source: Israel Hayom - Telegram

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Tony Pettitt 15:57 17.10.2022
I hate that happen to him, I hope he wasn’t tortured to death. Eather way if he’s dead he is one of GOD’S chosen people and he’ll be safe in the arms of the LORD!!!!!!!!
Patsy Webb 04:07 17.10.2022
God made a covenant with his chosen people, and he never forgets not even one prayers for this one Shabbat shalom 
01:40 17.10.2022
Not to know what happened to a loved one has got to be one of the worst heartaches. My sympathy to Arad’s loved ones.
01:27 17.10.2022
Don’t give up .. keep praying 🙏 praying!
23:38 16.10.2022
Israel is the best of protect their own.