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BATTLE VIDEO from 6-Day-War: "The Hand of God" - New footage of the battle for Jerusalem 1967"

NEWSRAEL is celebrating those faithful 6 days of June 1967 in what was one of the most obvious miracles seen by all humanity!

This video takes you through the stages, the heavy fighting, the injured and dead.

Told by those who were there - how the Jewish people went from fear of annihilation to tears of our greatest joy

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Lola Salazar 01:37 07.06.2023
Israel will be always be God's people no Country can defeat Israel God is in control Amen.🙏
20:41 06.06.2023
Through this Christian’s tears I declare and decree the people of the US and Israel will rise together and take back our lands! We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again, in the name of God Almighty!
19:30 06.06.2023
Even the magicians during the time of Israel’s exile in Egypt 🇪🇬 couldn’t replicate the plague of lice. They said, This is The Hand of G-D (of Abraham, Isaac, & Ya’akov 🫶🏻🖖🏻💪🏻).