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Tired of all the bad news? No problem - here is the Good News from Israel Video Show!

1. "An extraordinary leader" - An honorary decoration was awarded to the Chief of Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi

2. A son was born to Rabbi Avigdor Hayut - a survivor of the Meron disaster in which his son was killed. 

3. Raya Ashkenazi accompanied her husband, Tamir, to his life-saving kidney donation. 

4. Nobility of soul - The family of Yuri Volkov, who was murdered in a street crossing in Holon, will donate the corneas of his eyes 

5. The Israeli football team for amputees won first place in a tournament in Scotland

Does the article interest you?
Martin Martin 20:03 27.11.2022
Yep!! It's very refreshing to have good news in the midst of all this chaos. Thank you!!!
13:39 26.11.2022
So few news programs have any good news. Love this program.
20:17 25.11.2022
Shalom and continue to win!
Aguluz Reneantonio 18:44 25.11.2022
God Almigthy blees Israel People.
[deleted] 18:38 25.11.2022
Susan 03:32 12.11.2022
Like it!