The Iranian Threat
BREAKING! Iranian spy network in Israel uncovered

The GSS exposed and thwarted Iranian activity to recruit Israeli citizens for Iran, indictments were filed against 5 people involved

The publication was allowed that in a joint investigation by the General Security Service and Yahaval Lahav 433 in the Israel Police, a suspicion has been investigated in recent weeks that a number of Israeli citizens were recruited by Iranian intelligence agencies to carry out missions within the State of Israel.

As part of the ongoing monitoring of the activities and investigations of the suspects, it emerged that the suspects maintained ongoing contacts with an Iranian intelligence source. During the interrogations, a lot of evidence was gathered about these connections, and accordingly indictments were filed against some of the suspects.

The reference to Israeli citizenship was made on the "Facebook" network, by someone who pretended to be a Jew living in Iran, named "Rambud Namdar".

At Rambud's request, the connection between him and the suspects was continued via the WhatsApp app. This, while he refrained, in videotaped chat conversations he had with them, from exposing his face, claiming that the camera in his possession was broken.

It should be emphasized that despite the interrogees' suspicion that he was an Iranian intelligence official, some of them continued their contact with him, agreed to perform tasks assigned to him, and received money from him.

It should be noted that the names of those involved are prohibited from publication by virtue of the court's decision and in accordance with the restraining order issued at the request of the defense attorneys of the suspects.

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