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WATCH: Judicial overhaul backers rally in Tel Aviv

‘We must end their intervention — reform now,’ far-right leader Itamar Ben Gvir says in speech in which he assails AG and other officials.

TOI reports that supporters of the government’s push to radically remake the judiciary rallied Thursday in Tel Aviv, calling for the coalition to advance the highly contentious overhaul amid stalled negotiations with the opposition on a compromise.

The demonstration included a march and speeches by a number of coalition lawmakers. 

“End the High Court’s dictatorship!” protesters chanted.“ The nation demands judicial reform!”

Source - TOI/Twitter - Video source - Documenting Israel/Telegram

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Anthony Bowker 05:32 03.06.2023
It’s good to see these coalition supporters of Judicial Reforms out in force letting their voices be heard . Thanks for reporting this . It is in sharp contrast to the view points of paid protesters .
01:46 03.06.2023
If you know these protesters ask them about their extra funds. They may lie or you may find the proof. I asked and they told me they were making “the big bucks” but refused to tell who was paying them
01:44 03.06.2023
God says through His prophet: they have chosen to pay the demonstrators, the deranged, the mindless, the soulless & the gutless. That is who they’ve chosen to feed and pay.