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WATCH: Hezbollah’s Alliance with Hamas

The Hezbollah terrorist organization has aligned itself with Hamas by committing acts of terrorism against Israel over the last three months.

Watch IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari as he explains the aggression and attacks carried out by Hezbollah over time.

War is not our first priority, yet we are ready for it, and our policy remains clear: those who pose a threat will be targeted.

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[Anonymous] 18:08 12.02.2024
Thank you Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari for bringing me and others up-to-date. G-d’s continued protection and blessings to you, your family, the IDF men and women and all of Israel and PM Netanyahu.🇺🇸
[Anonymous] 03:03 07.02.2024
Excellent update Am Yisrael Chai
Tiger Tony 22:02 06.02.2024
We have Jew in Iran can turn the table round but we need to hit them hard but USA and big sneak making deal instead kill them all
darrel snider 12:10 06.02.2024
Time to eliminate iran off the face of the earth permanently.
[Anonymous] 07:19 06.02.2024
Have Lebanon help Israel kick out Hezbollah from their country !!!!!!!!!!
[Anonymous] 07:15 06.02.2024
Have Lebanon help Israel kick out Hezbollah w their country !!!!!!!!!!
Margaret Temple 06:31 06.02.2024
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