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WATCH: A beggar woman in Gaza speaks out!

A woman of Gaza who collects alms on the beach and says out loud what is held in her heart

No one tells Haniyeh (leader of Hamas) ah! Haniyeh ran away... took Gaza's money and left with his family!
He took Gaza's money and left with it, people
We are here, we have no government, except Allah
There is no one here, we have no one
I call to Allah, I call to Allah
By God, do you see me, I am in need and collect a shekel from here and there, telling people that God will take care of your children, that God will make you successful
That's why... I am in need, come see my house, oh people!

Source: King of the neighborhood - Telegram

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Tony Pettitt 18:33 23.08.2022
Yeah that’s what their leaders do they bash Israel to get other countries like America to give them money for the people of Palestinian then put it in Swiss bank accounts then leave Palestinians!!!?
CaptJinx Marine 12:30 23.08.2022
Sounds like any government tax scam.
Suzanne Aladjem 04:37 23.08.2022
She’s right they collect millions but not for the people for their mansions and bank accounts.
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