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‘Rectify discriminatory treatment of Israel,’ Lapid tells UN chief

The Israeli prime minister is slated to address the General Assembly on Thursday.

PM Lapid met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and said he expects that the UN chief will “act to rectify the discriminatory treatment of Israel at the United Nations, in particular stopping the activity of the Commission of Inquiry.”

In May 2021, the UN Human Rights Council approved an open-ended investigation of Israel’s alleged “war crimes, treatment of Palestinians, and human rights violations,” the only country-specific agenda item on the Council’s agenda. The COI on Israel solely focuses on the actions Israel takes against the terrorist group Hamas.

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La Jun 09:42 22.09.2022
There will be no more UN. Their days are numbered
Suzanne Aladjem 09:32 22.09.2022
There will not be a fair decision on Israel the UN is run by corrupt terrorist countries
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