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The Syrian "Cut": Assad demands 8 percent of the Egyptian gas that passes through its territory to Lebanon

A Lebanese media website has revealed information that the Syrian regime demands about 8% of the amount of gas that will pass through pipes in Syria from Egypt to Lebanon.

The Beirut International website reported that it had obtained information about the Syrian regime's unwillingness to move gas in its territory and that it would try to create incidents and demand the postponement of the project launch for geopolitical reasons. "

The regime's Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, engineer Bassam Tohma, said in previous statements that Syria would receive quantities of gas in exchange for passage through its territory in accordance with signed agreements, which would benefit the country's electricity generation.

Arab sources claimed about two months ago that the gas flowing from Egypt to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria is in fact gas that Israel would transfer to Egyptian pipelines in Sinai.

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