Palestinian Terror
MUST SEE VIDEO: Religion of Peace Arabs launching fireworks at Jerusalem Police!

Muslim Arabs bombarding brave Jerusalem police with fireworks. 

As we know a firework exploding into the eye could cause serious and permanent damage. 

These are acts of Islamic terrorism.

Source: Social Media - Section 27A of the Israeli Copyright Law. If you have a complaint, email to: [email protected]

# Arab hatred and incitement # Israeli Police # Jerusalem # Palestinian Terror # Islamic Hatred of Jews
Bill Marcus 12:36 19.04.2022
Training hatred from very early in the lives of children has unforseen consequences. Tearing down infrastructure meant to benefit everyone is thoughtless. Unfortunately these consequences were expect
Robert McMaster 10:50 19.04.2022
Once again they are trying to get the Israeli police to over react to get a response. That way the lies will flow,and the Israeli defense will look heavy-handed. Shalom
Pamela Hackner 10:33 19.04.2022
I Pray that Hashem will destroy them 🙏 deport the lot to Arabia from where they came from. They are sub human savages. Ramadan effects their brains.
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