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WATCH: CNN host Jake Tapper: "Trump was right" about Hunter's overseas business and "Biden was wrong"

You don't say... Maybe Trump was also right to ask Zelensky about Biden family corruption?

Despite being reluctant to admit Trump was right, Tapper tried suggesting that Biden may not have known his son was making millions of dollars overseas, specifically in China.

“But I mean, Trump was right. He did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong.” Tapper said. “I don't know if he was lying about it. He might not have been told by Hunter.”

Joe was present at Hunter's meetings. He knew!

Source: Collin Rugg - Twitter

Does the article interest you?
15:20 22.08.2023
The “Journalist”, are filthy damaging LIARS! They created so much damage to the American people!!!
Aerold Souder 15:18 22.08.2023
We the People trust you 🙏
01:18 20.08.2023
What a shock to the system.
01:01 20.08.2023
Wow!! I am totally blown away by his comments!!! The Truth always triumphs!!!!!