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WATCH: Tucker Carlson explains how watching Trump 'Exploded' his world views

"I'd never thought about it [NATO] in my life. And Trump's like, why are we funding NATO? And I thought that was a really interesting question," said Carlson.

"He'd say something that was truly insane, like, the intelligence agencies are spying on me ... And then you'd find out, like, a year later, actually, the intel agencies were spying on him."

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George Wideman 12:09 08.05.2023
I could not make sense or connect the story and video. Someone draw the connection for me,????
Polly Spires 03:43 08.05.2023
I know it's hard for some but President Trump was and is telling the truth and calling the rat's out and they are fricking out because we know the truth now so let us stand our ground in Jesus name