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WATCH: Why Did Israel Secretly Attack Syria?

Back in 2007, after the Israeli Mossad discovered that Syria had developed a nuclear reactor, then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert knew he had only one option: to destroy it quickly and quietly.

The only questions that remained were who would do it, how would they do it, and what would Syria’s response be?

00:00 Intro
00:40 Syria-Israel relations
01:23 Syria's nuclear reactor
02:29 The Begin Doctrine
02:54 Osirak strike on Iraq's nuclear reactor
03:34 The question of who would take out the Syrian reactor
06:38 Preparing for war in secrecy
07:20 The strike
07:49 Syria's response
08:44 Additional Israeli operations against Syria
09:07 Media speculation about mysterious explosion in Syria
09:24 Why Israel took responsibility for the strike in 2018
10:16 Source of the Begin Doctrine

Source - Unpacked/Youtube

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13:51 25.08.2023
Spectacular accomplishments displayed by Israel’s IDF, IAF, security services and Mossad.
Syble Presswood 02:28 25.08.2023
Such a tiny nation ,but what a Mighty God !!
Anthony Bowker 02:09 25.08.2023