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WATCH: Palestinian 1948: We fled, Israel didn't expel us

The Arab narrative which is being taught in most of Western universities in the West claims that in 1948 the IDF "expelled" Arabs from their lands while they "conquered" Palestine.

Here is a first-hand testimony of an Arab man who fled in 1948 - but not because of the IDF forcing him to do so.

Does the article interest you?
18:30 17.08.2023
The truth sets you free!
molly rishon 05:56 17.08.2023
Rejectionism - Over 100 Years of Chronic Arab … mythsandfacts.org/Conflict/6/Rejectionism.htm How the Arabs rejected their own homeland and every proposal and plan offered to them.
04:59 17.08.2023
But the truth doesn’t count when it comes to the press reporting on Israel. They just go with the most evil most unfavorable story of whoever is lying and report it. 
02:12 17.08.2023
Just remember the Palestinians and the left are on the losing side. They will face their judgement in the end.
Tony Pettitt 19:43 16.08.2023
Well in doesn’t matter if they new the truth, they wouldn’t report it they want to portray  Israel in the worst possible light thy can. Their liberals they believe those lying Palestinians as gospel!