The Iranian Threat
Has US president Biden become a target of the Iranian IRGC???

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Ali Fadawi:
"The Revolutionary Guards are pursuing cruel and harsh revenge as revenge for the assassination of Qassem Suleimani."

And then was asked: "If we were to assassinate US President Joe Biden, would that be considered revenge for the martyr Qassem Suleimani?"

His answer: "The lives of a thousand American presidents will not compare to the figure we lost."

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Byron Scherer 15:36 01.01.2022
It's time to take out Khomeini. It's time to go thru Gaza strip house by house killing all jihad. It's time to tell Iranian revolutionary guard stop or we will turn Ira into a sand dune
03:34 01.01.2022
I’m a republican, I voted for President Trump to be re-elected. Joe Biden is now my President! And if anyone in this world makes any attempt on his life. They should be hunted down and executed!
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