Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Lapid: "We will remove the threats, it will take whatever it takes"

A few hours after the start of the "The Dawn Arising" operation, the Prime Minister said: "Terrorist organizations will not set the agenda in the Gaza envelope, we will not accept any threat to the residents."

Defense Minister: "No terrorist organization will hold Israeli citizens hostage in their homes." At the time of Lapid and Gantz's speeches - heavy volleys towards the southern cities and Gush Dan

PM Lapid and DM Gantz spoke this evening  in Tel Aviv, a few hours after start of Operation The Dawn Arises in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Channel 13 News - Photo: Flash90

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21:21 05.08.2022
Our leaders need to give more land for peace. Is it working?
19:17 05.08.2022
Why threaten?? . It’s very immature !! Grown up!! Let’s be peace and Love. Why threaten , hater or war ?? Smh
Maurice Shoshan 19:15 05.08.2022
That’s what all previous Israeli leaderships have promised but failed to achieve, will you Mr. Gantz do a lot better job against the Islamofascists? I sincerely hope!
Edna Purcell-Diaz 19:08 05.08.2022
Yes. Enough is enough. Level Gaza lest out of the remaining people, another generation of terrorists arrises.
John Steedley 19:04 05.08.2022
Saul vs David Be a bit different this time
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