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NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: June 11, 2004 - Morning

Our news summary brings you the latest IMPORTANT UPDATES

- IDF: A suspicious aerial target identified off the coast of Haifa was intercepted.

- A 64-year-old from the north published a photo about two years ago - and was charged with threats against then-Prime Minister Yair Lapid. The prosecutor canceled the indictment.

- While the Knesset was preparing to vote on the conscription law: the Ministry of Defense published last night a draft order and a memorandum of law - intended to extend the reserve service for some of the servicemen.

- Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq announced that they attacked a "vital target" in Eilat using a drone early in the morning.

- The events of October 7 are presented in an exhibition in New York through films, music, recorded testimonies and artifacts from the event from the end of April. Pro-Palestinian protesters protested outside the hall, and clashed with police after setting off fireworks.

- Biden tweeted about the Security Council's decision: "The Council passed a resolution calling on Hamas to accept the deal. Hamas says it wants a ceasefire, this deal is an opportunity for it to prove that it really means it."

- In less than a day: one of the terrorists who set fire to the residential trailer in Benjamin was eliminated.

- The European Union welcomed the UN Security Council's support for the American proposal.

- Health Minister Uriel Bosso opened an envelope in his room in the Knesset containing suspected powder, his office was evacuated.

- The Pentagon spokesman admits that Israel used the area close to the pier that was set up off the coast of Gaza, for the purpose of rescuing the kidnapped - but denies that the pier itself was used.

- United Kingdom: About twenty Barclays bank branches were damaged and vandalized by pro-Palestinian activists and climate activists, who called on the bank's institutions to withdraw their investments from the Israeli arms industry.

- The 'Consolation and Rescue' organization held a support event for Israel in Brazil last night. At its opening there was a minute's silence in memory of the fighter and Navy officer Arnon Zamora.

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