US-Israel Relations
Biden's associate Amos Hochstein has been appointed to mediate between Israel and Lebanon in a dispute over gas reserves

The appointment of Hochstein, who was born in the country, indicates a high priority for the issue on the part of the Biden administration. He is expected to arrive this month for the first round of talks in Beirut and Jerusalem. Negotiations between the two countries came to a dead end last year, but in light of the formation of the new government in Lebanon, Israel hopes that it will agree to renew it.

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darrel snider 09:45 08.10.2021
Do not trust this man
08:54 08.10.2021
God Bless Israel! 🙏😇❤️
Dalya Horowitz 07:59 08.10.2021
Nothing Biden says can be trusted. He is absolutely against Israel.
Pamela Lovejoy 05:07 08.10.2021
If Biden would have not shut down our gas lines. None of this discussion between Isreal and Lebanon would need exist.Biden the worst president ever.
C & 04:48 08.10.2021
That's correct Danny Brackett! I completely agree! If Biden loves Israel, it's definitely for evil intentions only!! He funded Iran for Hamas to attack Israel!!
04:33 08.10.2021
Danny is right Biden ministration Is evil Biden’s religion who is persecuted to Jew for decades and the protestant one world government that’s Catholicism in a nutshell Using Biden to do dirtyDeeds☠️
Milton Zaft 04:30 08.10.2021
Agree. Worst President ever. He works for Obbummer.
04:29 08.10.2021
Biden loves Israel. Even when he was a young boy.
Danny Brackett 04:23 08.10.2021
You are a fool if you believe anything Biden says or anyone that represents Biden a damn fool! He is an evil man that hates Israel!
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