Jihadis killing Jihadis
A wave of ISIS attacks on Revolutionary Guards militia sites in eastern Syria

Trump is gone - ISIS is back...

Iranian forces in eastern Syria appear to be under a steady wave of attacks, both from the air by US-led Western coalition air forces, and according to foreign sources also by Israeli aircraft, and from the ground by ISIS forces continuing swift "hit and flee" raids out of the Syrian desert.

ISIS squads launched an offensive against Iranian militias in the desert of the city of al-Bukmal, east of Deir a-Zour, at dawn today, Saturday, November 20, news sites in eastern Syria report.

The Syrian news site Al-Sharqiya 24 reported that the group had launched an offensive against militias loyal to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the vicinity of the Mizilla Dam - Sadh in the Al-Bukmal Desert.

The website noted that the city of Iranian militias operating in the al-Bukmal city area had received an early warning of the planned attack by ISIS forces causing them to send military reinforcements from the 47th Brigade of the Revolutionary Guards to the alleged site of the attack.

Reinforcement included vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns and dozens of gunmen who arrived at the dam area from Izilla and forced the organization to retreat after causing heavy casualties, according to the source.

It is worth noting that the organization's attacks in Syria have recently intensified in a number of areas, mainly in Jabal al-Bishri, in the city of Suhana and in the eastern eastern desert region of Deir a-Zour district.

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