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WATCH: Tel Aviv police battle rioting radical Leftists

During riots in Tel Aviv, one of the demonstrators stabbed a policeman on Menachem Begin Road and fled the scene.

Violations of order in Tel Aviv - three police officers were injured. Rioters began to throw stones and throw pyrotechnic devices at the police officers. In addition to the policeman who was moderately injured, several other policemen were injured, among them a policeman who broke his finger as a result of a stone that hit him and a policeman who was hit in the head by an object.

The demonstration was in response to what was seen as racism after police decided not to press charges of homicide against a woman who ran over a four-year-old Ethiopian boy in May. Rafael Adana, who was hit while walking with his grandfather in Netanya,  died four days later.

According to examiners, the accident was “unavoidable” and the driver was not speeding. “The examiners determined in accordance with the testimony of the grandfather that the child was on the road less than half a second before the suspect hit him with her car,” the prosecution stated.

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Anthony Bowker 02:15 25.08.2023
Lock their sorry asses up ! 🇮🇱🚔
08:36 24.08.2023
So a policeman was stabbed and they didn’t fight back? If I was armed and someone stabbed me, I’d shoot them!