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BATTLE VIDEO: IDF located and destroyed an explosives laboratory

At the end of an 18-hour operation in the 'Pharaoh' area of ​​the Bekaa and Valleys Division: IDF and Shin Bet forces located and destroyed a laboratory for the production of explosives, eliminated a terrorist, and hit additional terrorists.

The Dokifat Battalion (94), the fighters of the Dovdevan Unit, forces from the Bekaa Levia Battalion (41), and Shin Bet forces yesterday completed, after 18 hours, an operation to counter terrorism in the Pharoah region of the Bekaa and Valleys Brigade.

During the operation, the fighters located and destroyed an explosives laboratory for the production of charges where more than 80 charges and additional explosive barrels were located. Also, the forces confiscated additional weapons that were found inside a suspicious vehicle during the operation in the area.

The fighters conducted an exchange of fire with terrorists, during which they eliminated a terrorist, and other terrorists were hit. In addition, forces from unit 636 attacked with a drone two armed terrorists who posed a threat to our forces in the area.

As part of the operation, the fighters arrested eight wanted persons suspected of terrorist activity. The wanted persons who were arrested and the means of warfare that were confiscated were transferred to the security forces for further treatment, there were no casualties to our forces.

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Mike Galarneau
Great! God Bless Israel and the IDF! 🇮🇱
[Anonymous] 10:40 11.06.2024
Let no stone unturned..
deborah kaski 10:13 11.06.2024
Thank you for your courage to stand before many in truth and honesty. Just remember vengeance is the LORDS he will
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