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France: Teacher says Muslims students are ‘problem’ in Catholic schools, is suspended, fears for his life

Politically correct fantasy meets politically incorrect reality: he was suspended for offending today’s woke sensibilities, but he now fears being murdered by the people that he was suspended for saying were a problem.

“Teacher is suspended in France and now fears becoming ‘the next Samuel Paty’ after sparking row in class by saying Muslim students were ‘a problem’ in Catholic schools,” by David Averre, MailOnline, December 8, 2021:

A teacher at a Catholic school in France was suspended yesterday after he expressed fears that he may become ‘the next Samuel Paty’ for alleged racist remarks against Muslim students.

The eco-management teacher from Joseph-Wresinski d’Angers Catholic School was accused of racism by a Muslim student, who alleges the teacher invited him to ‘change his religion’ after declaring that Muslims are a problem in Catholic schools.

The student lodged a formal complaint against the teacher – who has not yet been named – with Angers police on December 2, two days after the teacher’s alleged remarks.

The teacher lodged a complaint in return the next day, arguing the student was guilty of ‘physical and verbal violence towards a person in the course of public service’ as he pushed past him and accused him of racism.

The school yesterday suspended the teacher as a precaution after he expressed fears he would become ‘the next Samuel Paty’ – a history teacher who was murdered by an Islamist teenager on October 16, 2020, after he depicted a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed during a lesson about free speech.

An investigation into the complaints has now been launched, according to Angers public prosecutor Public prosecutor Eric Bouillard.

The saga began during a school lesson on November 30, when students in the class said the teacher began to digress while talking about Catholic schools of the past.

The teacher allegedly remarked: ‘Catholic schools should have continued to only accept Catholic students,’ but was met with a defence from a member of the class who, pointed at a Muslim classmate and responded ‘but Catholic schools aren’t just reserved for Catholics.’

According to the Muslim student’s testimony, the teacher then bit back by saying,’ that’s the problem’, before turning on him and saying ‘well, he could always change his religion’.

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