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SPECIAL VIDEO: Mothers of Youngest Female Hostages Plead for Their Daughters’ Release from Hamas Captivity

Mothers of the five youngest female hostages still held by Hamas issue a plea from their daughters’ bedrooms for their release

Liri Elbag was kidnapped from Nahal Oz with Karina Ariev, Daniela Gilboa, and Agam Berger. The first sign of life after the kidnapping came when Hamas released a short video of the abductions in Gaza, in another video, they were seen being loaded onto trucks at gunpoint. 

We must amplify our voices for the female hostages who have been silenced. We cannot forget the plight of Naama, Daniela, Karina, Liri, and Agam, held captive - along with 130+ other hostages - for over 150 days.

We need to stand united to ensure they are not relegated to history. It’s time to bring our girls home. It’s time to bring them all home and bring an end to this suffering.

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ronald singer 07:11 12.04.2024
May Israel awaken and honor God so His power frees our hostages !
Jo-xheved городеццер 03:09 12.04.2024
Bring them all home now!!! #israelilivesmatter
Alice Barton 02:47 12.04.2024
And I am praying for the protection and safety of all Israel!♥️🙏
Alice Barton 02:46 12.04.2024
First of all,I am appealing to God in prayers for all the hostages,Especially the very young babies,young women,and elderly.
[Anonymous] 02:42 12.04.2024
[Anonymous] 02:42 12.04.2024
Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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