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UK: Christian nurse bullied by hospital staff over small cross while Muslims wore hijab, went to mosque 4Xs daily

61-year-old nurse Mary Onuoha was finally exonerated after a cruel two-year campaign of ruthless bullying. An employment tribunal finally ruled that the hospital where she worked “harassed and directly discriminated” against her.

Her story is particularly significant, given that she once lived in Nigeria, where a Muslim genocide against Christians is raging. She knows Christian persecution at its worst firsthand. Now she lives in Britain, where she should be free from it. Her most prized possession is her little gold cross, one she wore everyday since childhood — no doubt a reminder of the suffering of fellow Christians in her country of origin.

Mary Onuoha had to go off work on stress leave over her little cross (little more than the size of a fingernail), which was said by her bosses to “harbor bacteria.” But some of her Muslim colleagues wore their hijabs freely and “went to mosque four times a day” without queries.

Onuoha was ultimately let go after exhausting bullying from hospital superiors. But she was ultimately rewarded for her perseverance. According to Christian Concern, linked to Christian Legal Center Organization:

In a landmark ruling…an Employment Tribunal has ruled that an NHS Trust harassed and directly discriminated against a Christian nurse for wearing a cross necklace at work.

Although her case ended in victory, it never should have happened in the first place; nor should she have been forced to endure such torment for two years. Her case represents a desperate call for Britain to wake up to the Christian persecution within.

Imagine the outcry from Islamic groups (many who claim to fight for “human rights”) if Muslim nurses were asked to remove their hijabs for “harboring bacteria.” Muslims in the UK now top three million, with some parts of London almost 50% Muslim. Those who bullied Onuoha saw her as an easy Christian target. It is reassuring to know that a group such as Christian Concern exists.

Whoever was that was ultimately responsible for driving this outrageous, discriminatory vendetta against Mary Onuoha needs to be exposed, disciplined and stopped. Onouha should now launch a lawsuit for personal damages against those responsible.

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Pamela Hackner 12:05 13.01.2022
In Redbridge Ilford UK Muslims make up about 90% of the population.
Rhoda Wright 07:58 13.01.2022
Absolutely. As soon as possible
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