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Yemen: Israel and the United Arab Emirates establish a military base on the island of Socotra

NEWSRAEL: While many might ask themselves why Israel would ever want to have a naval port in the Socotra Islands, one can see on the map that they are not only in a strategic position to the Bab al-Mandeb straits which control the access to Israel through the Red Sea, but also south of Yemen. To be able to do so together with the UAE has far-reaching importance in ways the Abraham Accords could only dream of, and turns the word "cooperation" into something else entirely.

Local sources in Yemen said on Sunday that the Zionist entity was providing assistance to the UAE to establish a new military base on the island of Socotra in southern Yemen.

The Yemeni News website, quoting knowledgeable sources, reported that the UAE has officially begun funding the establishment of this military base, which is to be built on the island of Abd al-Quri, within the Socotra Islands group.

Satellite images, taken by the photography satellite - ICAD and which were exposed on the "Iqad" website on the military base of the United Arab Emirates in 'Abd al-Quri, show runways 540 meters long and 30 meters wide.

Israel is trying to increase its presence on the coasts and islands of Yemen to control the most important global waterways passing through southern Yemen and the Bab al-Mandeb straits through which all ships need to pass through on their way to Eliat in Israel, or on to the Suez Canal on their way to Europe.

This happens two days after foreign experts began mapping work to establish a second military base of the Emirates in Adibo Province, in the center of the Socotra Islands.

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John Ross 15:14 19.01.2022
Maybe now Saudi Arabia will ally itself with Israel against a common enemy..”Iran”
Dennis Bell 23:57 18.01.2022
Sounds good to me. Next time an iranin terrorist flys to Yemen it’s a easy shot. Splash one.