The Iranian Threat
Pres. Herzog: Our counter-terror operations are straight out of a movie

Israel's President reacts to attempts by Iran to attack Israeli civilians. 'No country would allow its innocent citizens to be threatened.'

President Isaac Herzog participated in the graduation ceremony of the IDF's 184th pilot course at the Air Force Base in Hatzerim on Thursday.

“The security of Israel’s citizens is tested on a daily basis. We face many challenges, some in plain view; others, hidden.

“Today, we received news of attempts to kidnap and attack Israelis, and believe me that Israel’s security forces are operating 24/7 in ‘foiling’ and preventive operations often reminiscent of thriller movies. Reality sometimes surpasses all imagination.

Source: INN

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03:33 24.06.2022
God Bless Israel!!!!🇮🇱🙏🦅🇺🇸
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