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130 French schools receive threats from Islamists

Dozens of schools in France are under police protection after 130 schools received death threats from Muslim extremists. 

Andy Ngô reported on his X account about the growing threat of terror from internal Islamists.

The renewed threats come as a Paris principal tried to enforce a headscarf ban. 

Muslims have slaughtered several French teachers.

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Lee Field 05:51 05.04.2024
It's as though France is now a moslem country not French
Lee Field 05:48 05.04.2024
Why doesn't France reverse exactly what occurred in Algeria where all Frenchman had to repatriate to France and cut the umbilical cord and send these Muslims home
Murray Levine 23:49 02.04.2024
Princess should offer free repositioning cruises to Muslims in France to North Africa!
[Anonymous] 23:41 02.04.2024
Do something about it before it gets worse
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