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MUST-SEE! Israeli-Arab activist Yoseph Haddad releases video of how, as an IDF soldier, he was wounded 17 years ago

August 2006, the Hezbollah surprise an IDF patrol and 5 IDF soldiers are killed on the spot. Hezbollah are able to take tow of them as POWs. The IDF enters Lebanon. 

This is the story of a young Israeli-Arab, today known to many, Yoseph Haddad how he entered Lebanon with the Golani brigade, fought the Hezbollah, and was seriously injured.

"Today I mark 17 years since my injury in Lebanon and actually the day I started my new life... In honor of this day I made a special video to tell the story of my injury and recovery which is actually also a story of Israeli partnership!"

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wilma dsouza 16:07 11.08.2023
God bless IDF soldiers.. Lord Jesus bless your people Israel abundantly
Michael Sosne 13:10 11.08.2023
Never mind praying for the IDF give them the logistic supplies to best down ALL THE muslim PIGS ONCE AND FOR ALL GENUG EST GENUG
Jacob Walanjatil 06:14 11.08.2023
Bravo. God bless IDF soldiers.
05:02 11.08.2023
God bless IDF soldiers for their sacrifice and great service may the Lord bless them thank you Jesus! Amen!