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Barack Obama: Sometimes you just have to beat racist, angry, and sexist Republicans

President Barack Obama described his political opponents as angry, racist, and sexist during a private conversation with some of Europe’s elites this summer, according to a newly revealed transcript.

“Sometimes it just turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry,” Obama said. “And your job is then to just beat them because they’re not persuadable.”

Obama offered his candid advice privately to European leaders in June after speaking publicly at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June.


Does the article interest you?
Charles Baughman 03:44 12.10.2022
Obama is racism.
Sherry gwyn 19:34 11.10.2022
A regular brown nose, he can’t do anything without someone to support him, but on the other hand who would ! He’s an embarrassment along with our Government! Stand up American 🇺🇸
Selina 17:19 11.10.2022
Chewing on his own teeth.
Susan 09:11 11.10.2022
Anti-God, anti Semite, anti human!
Rhoda Wright 06:56 11.10.2022
One A****** to another A****** !
Ann Marie 06:47 11.10.2022
That is just horrible to say about us Republicans. I pray the people that vote are smarter than believing Obama. Horrible.
03:44 11.10.2022
It will be the Great I Am who will have the final Word!
Jason Lipstein 03:00 11.10.2022
He is the reincarnation of Pharaoh himself
02:48 11.10.2022
Barry is a fake evil man that hates his Country. He bowed before Saudi King. Claimed he was a Muslim. Called his ‘Wife’ Mike in the Rose Garden. Who cares what Barry thinks!
John Ross 02:40 11.10.2022
Obama yo mama is one black Muslim anti sémite.. may God punish him and his family amen
John Ross 02:39 11.10.2022
Terrible terrible what’s happening to Ukrainians.. hope it reminds them of what they did to the Jews.. Russians and Ukrainians I hope you destroy each other
Barbara Fix 02:38 11.10.2022
Obama sees his faults in others. No one could be more Racist, Sexist and Angry than the Barack Hussein. He mislabeled himself “Black” mislabeled himself as “Christian” & tried to totally redo America
Kevin Mahaney 02:37 11.10.2022
The only angry racist in the room was him! These two men are probably the most evil people alive! Both have made it their lifes work to destroy the U.S. and put the world into nuclear oblivion!!
02:32 11.10.2022
Obama being Obama.