Lebanon Crises
VIDEO: Former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon: Hezbollah is Iran's Trojan Horse in Lebanon

It is our enemy – We should not be expected to deal with Lebanon's government since Hezbollah is part of it

Former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Abdulaziz Khoja said in a November 12, 2021 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that Saudi Arabia should not be expected to deal with the Lebanese government because it includes members and supporters of Hezbollah, which he said is Saudi Arabia's enemy. 

He said that Iran has been trying to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea since its wars with Sparta, and that it has been successfully using Hezbollah as a Trojan horse to achieve this goal. 

Ambassador Khoja also said that Hezbollah provides training and Iranian weapons to the Houthis in Yemen. He added: "It is as if Iran is on our southern border."

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darrel snider 11:26 20.11.2021
Time to destroy hezbollah.
Michael Rice 08:11 20.11.2021
It is time That truth must be spoken The time of general courtesies is over the acknowledgement of Truth must be spoken enacted upon there is something more spiritually involved let see this
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