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One refrigerator, 20 restaurants in Tel Aviv

How is this new solution for your dinner? 20 restaurants put ready to heat up food in this new vending machine for you to choose from!

Businessmen Nadav Naaman and Tomer Goldberg founded "Picks" to strongly shake up the ready-made food market in Israel. They teamed up with many delicious places in the city, and in return received full refrigerators waiting for customers to choose from.

Here you can find, among other things, salmon mousse from "Manta Ray" (27 NIS), pasta bolognese from "Amora Mio" (39 NIS), cauliflower fritters from "The Streets" (36 NIS) and orange vegetable curry from "Bana" ( NIS 32) - they are all chilled and waiting to be quickly heated in the microwave, or slightly less quickly heated in the oven.

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03:47 05.08.2022
Great idea. Love the convenience. Hope the food quality is excellent.
Laura AndClyde 19:10 04.08.2022
Ann Marie 19:00 04.08.2022
So funny. Ladies, your date is cheap.