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A PR contest between Palestinian Terrorist-Mafias is fought on the back of Israel

"From Judea and Samaria through the Gaza Strip to Iran - the Islamic Jihad is getting stronger at the expense of Hamas". This is headline from YNet. They are clueless to what these words actually mean.

NEWSRAEL: As the saying goes: "There is no such thing as bad publicity".

Ynet acknowledges that the last battle in Gaza was a total loss for PIJ, but they don't or don't want to understand that the fighting was about PR, how they "looked" in the public.

 As you can see in the report, the important issue here was an inner-Palestinian public relations contest. The terrorists killed, the bombing, their utter impotence to harm Israel was not important.

Since the fighting they put out daily posters and videos of macho looking soldiers, and new troops flock to their units.


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Sam Johnson 01:19 01.10.2022
Desiree remember that lady said that “Her Money came from Obama’s stash” Maybe he still is with Killery’s help!
Desiree Siefkas 22:34 30.09.2022
I wonder if Obama is still funding the terrorists?
Donald Lerman 21:32 30.09.2022
ANTI ISRAEL AND JEWISH HATRED IS SNOWBALLING GETTING BIGGER. https://internationalherold.com/2021/10/15/anti-israel-and-jewish-hatred-is-snowballing-getting-bigger/