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VIDEO REPORT: “Wannabe Dictator”, top US Gen retires with a swipe at Trump

Top US general Mark Milley retired on September 29 after a four-year tenure leaving behind headlines over his jab at a former US President. 

Milley said US troops take an oath to the Constitution and not a "wannabe dictator”, in an apparent swipe at Donald Trump. 

Milley has been replaced as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Air Force General Charles "CQ" Brown. 

Brown is the second Black officer to become chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after Colin Powell two decades ago.

Source: Crux - YouTube

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Jennifer London 16:11 01.10.2023
Typical girlish swipe, hurl an insult when you leaving so you won't hear the response. This bitch thinks that by retiring he escapes punishment
12:38 01.10.2023
Milley is an embarrassment to the Officers Corps.
02:59 01.10.2023
Milley should be ecstatic that he’s being allowed to retire instead of being court martialed for a coup d’état against the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
Syble Presswood 02:15 01.10.2023
Wanna be dictator,huh.? Exactly what the Biden regime is poised for !
01:37 01.10.2023
Milley a hero? But he’ll take China’s money and he’ll warn China if the US decides to attack them and that’s by his own words!
kevin mahaney 22:21 30.09.2023
What an incompetent traitor! OBAMA STOOGE! THERE IS YOUR DICTATOR!! OBIDEN!
Edgar Willcut 22:05 30.09.2023
I actually heard that he was being promoted to a new office at Gitmo
22:01 30.09.2023
What happened to the Oath you took, traitor Mildred?????