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Hezbollah-linked drug lord arrested after trying to flee Australia

Australian police in the state of New South Wales have announced that they have re-arrested the most dangerous drug dealer, the accused, Mustafa Baloch, of Lebanese descent.

Defendant drug baron Mustafa Baloch tried to move from New South Wales to Queensland when he was arrested by local and federal police while hiding in a car inside a cargo grocery store.

The fugitive was handcuffed and brought back to Sydney from Gold Coast under police escort.

The bail guarantee was revoked

Margaret Quinn, the judge in Baloch's case, confirmed that his release on bail was officially revoked.

Baloch has been charged with a series of drug offenses related to the shipment of 900 kilograms of cocaine to Australia worth $270 million, according to the details of the investigation.

He is also currently facing additional charges of breach of bail and attempted escape, and will then appear in court on Dec. 1, and his lawyer declined to comment outside court on the matter.

"More than two weeks ago, the police said that Baloch cut off his electronic ankle bracelet while he was on bail and activated the hunting system for him, one of the largest in the country."

Queensland police officers checked dozens of trucks before meeting the container he was hiding in after noticing it was not properly secured.

Escaping drug lord Mustafa Baloch was caught trying to cross the New South Wales border into Queensland after more than two weeks of escape.

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