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Saudi Arabia is not interested in Palestinian pilgrims?

An Arab newspaper reports that on the website of the Saudi embassy in Jordan there is no option to fill in "Palestinian citizenship" for those who apply for an entry visa to Saudi Arabia as a pilgrim. 

The newspaper that tried to get a response from the embassy was unsuccessful.
The question is whether this is a computer error or a deliberate decision. 

If this is not a mistake, the meaning is that the Saudis are not interested these days in the entry of Palestinian pilgrims into their territory.

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Jennifer London 19:26 02.03.2024
Jeffry Blackmon 11:45 24.02.2024
I would not want them in my country either.
Tony Pettitt 02:52 24.02.2024
The Palestinians are nothing but Arabs anyway, there are no Palestinian people they’re all Arabs like Yassar Arafat!!!!!!
Tony Pettitt 02:47 24.02.2024
They want the Palestinians to be a thorn in Israel’s side so there will always be a conflict between them and the Jews. Palestinians are pawns of the Arab people!!!!!!!
[Anonymous] 02:05 24.02.2024
Muslim countries will not accept these violent people. Why are Western countries accepting them???????????
Linda Erhardt 00:15 24.02.2024
Australia took in 800 Palestinians ??? I didn't know that. Egypt should help.
AgouraMo AgouraMo. 23:52 23.02.2024
No big news here. The Arab community could care less about Palestinians. Their collective interest is sparked if murdered Israelis are involved.
Jim Bushlow 23:38 23.02.2024
The Saudis are smart . No inbred Gazans allowed !
[Anonymous] 23:03 23.02.2024
Palestinians should overthrow Hamas Now !!!!!’
[Anonymous] 22:44 23.02.2024
Australian government took 800 Palestinian refugees last month. Be like the Trojan horse as in Europe unless they are shot dead🇮🇱🇦🇺🇮🇱🇦🇺
John Ross 22:31 23.02.2024
Only Arab countries don’t want those destructive devils the Palestinians the West takes them in. They multiply like rats they destroy wherever they go these Palestinian pigs.
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