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VIDEO: Donald Trump to Newsmax: Durham Report 'Great Vindication'

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday told Newsmax the release of the Durham Report offers some substantial "vindication" for him at long last – and some evidence of "treason" by perpetrators of the Russia collusion hoax.

"This is the biggest story of – maybe in the history of – our country: The crime of the century," Trump told Tuesday night's "Rob Schmitt Tonight."

"That's been very obvious to me for a long time," he added to host Rob Schmitt. "I would tell you, it's a great vindication. It feels good. The report has been, you know, wildly praised.

"I wish it would have come faster, but the detail he went into — 308 pages — the detail is extraordinary. I guess you could call it treason, you could call it a lot of different things, but this should never be allowed to happen in our country again."

Trump denounced deep state forces he said had worked to cast a "cloud" over his 2016 campaign and subsequent administration, saying the blaming of Russia for election interference was a myth peddled by Democrats.

"There is a deep state," Trump said. "There are a lot of problems, and I did a lot of firing, but it goes down very low, when you look at it."

Hillary Clinton, Trump's 2016 foe, created the Russia hoax to excuse her loss, Trump added.

"Let's blame it on Russia," Trump said in reference to the internal discussions by Clinton's campaign. "Somehow, somebody came up with the idea: Let's blame her loss on Russia."

Source: Newsmax

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08:32 18.05.2023
It’s treason snd I hope they hang.
04:32 18.05.2023
I thank God for President Trump!
Mike Galarneau 22:41 17.05.2023
MAGA... All the way!
Kingsley Gorman 17:21 17.05.2023
The democrat party is the biggest menace facing freedom in America today. In early 20th century a journalist remarked that nobody ever went broke over-estimating the stupidity of the American voter!
Jeanne Ferguson 17:02 17.05.2023
I can't see Trump anymore. I'm tired of his mouth and attitude. I want someone who has proven himself to have the same values as I do. Has passed laws I want. Ron DeSantis.
Jeffrey Krimsky 16:46 17.05.2023
Trump is really the country’s Messiah. People reject him and listen to false news. N.Y.Times is the most corrupt, antisematic and lying paper ever.
16:42 17.05.2023
Lord help America back to righteousness and justice 🙏MAGA🙏
16:40 17.05.2023
Justice must prevail. There is corruption happening and now being exposed Conservatives Democrats and Republicans must act accordingly and courageously!!!
16:34 17.05.2023
I can’t wait to get back our God, chosen President Trump!
Calvin Flack 16:32 17.05.2023
In Trump world. this is significant. Not so much in the real world.