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Despite escalation, Jerusalem Day flag march to proceed as planned

"Hamas will not tell us whether or how to march in Jerusalem,"

IH reports that despite the current escalation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed for the Jerusalem Day flag march to proceed as planned – that is along its traditional route through the Old City's Muslim Quarter – and even asked for the information to be known as quickly as possible for the purpose of clarity, Israel Hayom has learned. 

In a document that will be discussed at the upcoming Diplomatic-Security Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu wrote, "This is not a dramatic decision, but a continuation of the norm in a sovereign country. Just as the sun rises every morning, so the parade will continue in its usual format."

Security and political officials estimate that the march will indeed proceed as planned, despite the IDF's Operation Shield and Arrow in the Gaza Strip, and assessed on Wednesday evening that the campaign was nearing its end. 

A source familiar with the matter said that Netanyahu gave "an unequivocal directive to hold the parade as planned. Hamas will not tell us whether or how to march in Jerusalem." 

The police have been instructed to report on the necessary security arrangements to ensure the safety of the participants, and the prevailing assumption is that terror groups will not connect the current escalation with the Jerusalem Day celebrations next week. 

Source - Israel Hayom/Twitter - Image - Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


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Jeanne Ferguson 10:46 11.05.2023
Hamas pigs should be destroyed
Melvyn Moses 08:11 11.05.2023
Quite right Prime Minister Natanyahu Hamas Savages will not dictate to Israel to stop Jerusalem Day celebrations. Am Israel Hai
08:09 11.05.2023
God be with you and Bless you all.