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WATCH: 19 Arrested in Nazareth Raid over Violent Crimes

The Israel Police reported that 19 suspects were arrested on suspicion of violent crimes and shootings in the city of Nazareth, an Arab city in the north of the country.

The arrests were made by members of a task force established in the city of Nazareth that raided several compounds belonging to known criminal elements in the city of Nazareth. As part of the activity, police forces dismantled and took down surveillance cameras that were used to collect visual information and seized a great deal of technological equipment.

The police said that investigations of violent incidents led to the conclusion that the perpetrators activated the cameras in order to obtain intelligence on parties with whom they are in conflict. The cameras and the video transmissions would go to vans in which the criminals would watch on large TV screens.

In another operation, police raided a compound where two bullet-proof luxury vehicles were located and seized.

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a person 13:01 10.07.2024
Nazareth the home of JESUS, Israel 🇮🇱 is forever.
Jean Newman 10:49 10.07.2024
Very interesting to me I will always be praying for ISRAEL GOD PROTECT ISRAEL 🇮🇱
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