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Behind the scenes of "Dawn Breaking": The IDF's drone army

It was the unmanned aerial vehicles that set the tone between the two targeted countermeasures at the beginning and end of the operation. Their number in the Gaza Strip was the largest since their use began in the second intifada. The scope of their use, and the coordination between all the factors, resulted in the "Dawn" being defined as a "very successful operation".

Friday, 4:16 p.m. Many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were in mosques at that time. Others were prepared for the Friday dinner after the prayers.

None of them estimated that the work of ants that lasted for many months was about to come to a thunderous end: the Shin Bet managed to uncover the hiding apartment of Taysir Jabari, the commander of the Islamic Jihad in the northern Gaza Strip.

The head of the Shin Bet Ronan Bar gave the approval for the transfer of the precise intelligence to the UAV pilots.

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