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A laser system for intercepting UAVs made in China in operational service in the Saudi army

The China-made Silent Hunter laser system has officially appeared in the Saudi Armed Forces. The kingdom recorded more than 13 successful interceptions with these laser systems. This is the first interception of its kind in the world.

According to the following video published by the Saudi Ministry of Defense, it can be seen that the Saudi system is almost completely different from the previous versions presented by the Chinese company Poly Technologies.

The Silent Hunter system is an anti-UAV laser system developed in China by Poly Technologies. This system can track and destroy low-altitude air targets with a power of up to 100 kilowatts and a range of up to four kilometers. The Silent Hunter system uses a fiber optic laser Electrically operated, which can be mounted on fixed or mobile platforms.

The Silent Hunter system is used by Saudi Arabia to protect against aircraft and missiles launched by the Houthi militia from Yemen. So far, eight such systems have been observed and are in use in conjunction with a truck-mounted 3D radar adapted to detect low-altitude aircraft. The Silent Hunter system is a powerful and effective laser weapon against modern air threats.

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