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WATCH: IDF takes out dozens of ready-to-use rocket launchers

IDF troops continue to thwart terrorism throughout the Gaza Strip, locate and strike dozens of ready-to-use rocket launchers

IDF ground troops operating in the area of Al-Muharraqa in central Gaza located and struck two ready-to-use rockets launching compounds. Additional troops located and struck dozens of rocket launchers that were ready to be used. From the footage above, it is evident that some of the rockets were loaded and ready to be launched.

In the area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops struck a tunnel shaft located inside a building that contained weapons and numerous explosive devices. Furthermore, IDF troops identified and eliminated two terrorists who approached the area in which additional troops were located.

During searches conducted in the area of Al-Atatra in northern Gaza, IDF troops located and struck a number of launch pits.

During operational activity in the area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified two terrorists shooting and fleeing from a building. The troops directed an IAF aircraft to strike the terrorists. One of the terrorists was eliminated and the other fled to another building. The troops surveilled the terrorist, and a short while later, an additional aircraft stuck and eliminated the terrorist.

During additional operational activity, IDF troops found Islamic Jihad training manuals, sniping posts, and technological assets in a terrorist’s residence.

Additionally, in Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified masked terrorists. IDF tanks fired at the terrorists and eliminated them.

Source: INN

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David Wilson 14:39 14.01.2024
IDF..onward to Victory...
[Anonymous] 13:35 14.01.2024
Awesome job IDF
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