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WATCH: What to expect from Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress

Netanyahu spokeswoman Tal Heinrich reveals the Prime Minister’s objective of addressing a bipartisan Congress audience and the topics he will discuss during his speech.

Israeli PM Netanyahu spokeswoman Tal Heinrich discusses the war against Hamas and Netanyahu's expected address before Congress on 'Sunday Night in America.'

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[Anonymous] 06:24 12.06.2024
Prayers for safe travel.
Harry Burke 17:14 11.06.2024
Netanyahu is a fool to leave Israel at this critical time to address Congress, many who essentially hate him. But moreover, his Israeli political & IDF military enemies can shaft him!
[Anonymous] 11:26 11.06.2024
The borders and the illegals whereabouts don’t matter. The once fully vaccinated aren’t important. We have Muslim training camps on our land. Why aren’t they trying as others do? They have their own?
[Anonymous] 11:23 11.06.2024
You see if they throw out the constitution and turn their backs on crime: as they have! The country will become an invaded by ??? . Look at how the DOJ and the FBI have been invisible. The borders etc
[Anonymous] 11:20 11.06.2024
The American administration doesn’t go after China, Russia or Iran but instead goes after the ONLY democracy in the middle east.. WHY? Very simple answer: Obiden doesn’t want America democracy etc
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