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Israeli strikes on Aleppo kill dozens of Syrian soldiers, Hezbollah terrorists

The attack targeted Hezbollah weapons depots in Aleppo’s southern suburb of Jibreen, close to the city's international airport.

Israeli airstrikes targeting Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo early on Friday killed more than three dozen people, mainly Syrian soldiers and at least five members of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group, according to Reuters.

The attack targeted Hezbollah weapons depots in Aleppo’s southern suburb of Jibreen, close to the city’s international airport.

Israel has reportedly struck the Aleppo and Damascus airports multiple times, in a bid to prevent Iran from smuggling weapons via Syria to its terror proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The strikes came just hours after Israeli missiles reportedly killed several terrorists in a building in the Sayyidah Zaynab area, about six miles south of the Damascus.

At least 12 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members, including a top commander, were killed in an airstrike on Syria overnight on Monday.

Israel has struck hundreds of targets in Syria in recent years as part of an effort to prevent further Iranian military entrenchment in the country. Jerusalem rarely acknowledges such attacks.

On Feb. 4, Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari revealed that the IAF has targeted more than 50 sites belonging to Hezbollah and other Iran-backed terrorist groups in Syria since the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre in southern Israel.



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Aliza Circle 20:00 01.04.2024
Great job Israel 🇮🇱.
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Needs to happen
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