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In Israeli first, man's life saved thanks to artificial intelligence

The patient, in his 50s, arrived for a routine CT scan, when the artificial intelligence-based program warned he might have intracranial bleeding.

Innovative artificial intelligence-based technology has recently saved the life of a patient at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.

A resident of the city, the 50-year-old patient arrived for a routine CT scan – after complaining of strong headaches for an extended period – and after its completion, left.

The results usually take one-to-two weeks to arrive, but in this case, an alert by the AI-based program warned that he might have intracranial bleeding, prompting doctors to call the man – who was still near the hospital – to return swiftly.

He was operated on in an emergency procedure that saved his life.

The AI-based program - called Viz.ai – leverages advanced, FDA-cleared algorithms to analyze medical imaging data, like CT scans, providing real-time insights and automated assessments to accelerate diagnosis and treatment.

Galilee Medical Center's Dr. Dan Paz, who participated in the development of the program, lauded it for its life-saving abilities, saying that "without it, the patient would have probably come to us too late."

Source - Israel Hayom/X - Image - Nati Shohat/Flash90

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21:41 05.09.2023
It’s great he was saved but Washington will not be happy to hear you saved another life as they prefer people die!
10:28 05.09.2023
Donald Maher 09:05 05.09.2023
Shear postulation. No way to know. Trusting Ai over HaShem’s sovereignty? Scariest repetition of ancient Chatayim l’benai Yisrael