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Russia deploys advanced Air Defense in northeastern Syria [MAP]

Russian forces have installed an air defense system at the Qamishli airport in the northern rural area of Haska district close to the border with Turkey (see map), which is Russia's main base in the region.

The noted that the redeployment of Russian forces came after Turkish threats to launch a military operation against the Kurdish SDF militia.

Iranian militias are preparing to send troops to eastern Euphrates, along with talks of an imminent military operation by the national armies of Syria and Turkey against the Qassed militia.

NEWSRAEL: In light of Turkey's announced plan to begin an "large" offensive to build a "safe zone" on the Syrian - Turkish border - the question has been: Will this bring Turkey into direct clashes with Russia,  or even with Iran?

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Charles Baughman 18:18 06.06.2022
Insanity continues.