Peace With Morocco
The Stance of the Moroccan PM Vs the King on the Subject of Israel

The Moroccan prime minister, who signed the normalization agreement with Israel, congratulated Hamas on the "victory of the resistance."

Although the Prime Minister of Morocco is hostile to Israel, the true leader of Morocco is the king- and the King's position is very different.

In September 2018, the king said "Antisemitism is the antithesis of freedom of expression, because it implies the denial of the other," and called for teaching the history of Morocco, including its "darkest hours" - hinting at the Holocaust.

In recent years, by order of the King, Morocco has signed cooperation agreements on educational projects with international organizations that devote their time to the commemoration of the Holocaust. The King of Morocco also stressed that Jews and Christians living in the kingdom should enjoy equal rights and freedom of worship.

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Randy Abramovitz 11:04 04.06.2021
He looks like he's had too much Prime (Minister) Rib. Who are the yahoos behind him?
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