"An entire nation is watching and is proud of you"
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Culture and Sports Minister Yehiel Tropper wished success to the 27 members of the Israeli delegation to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.
Prime Minister Bennett heard from the delegation members about their preparations ahead of the games and wished them great success in the various competitions.
Athletes with disabilities compete at the Paralympic Games in – inter alia – athletics, weightlifting, rowing, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, goalball, shooting, swimming, badminton and boccia.
Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Bennett's remarks:
"Your departure for the Paralympic Games and your accomplishments in general throughout the year, expresses the forces that are within us, and this inspires us all.
Even before the Paralympic Games, you have won gold medals with me, for determination, persistence, for overcoming immense difficulties and for optimism throughout, even in difficult moments.
You now have a very tough competition with the delegation that returned from Tokyo; they set a high standard. I am counting on you. Know that we are behind you, at the best moments and in the tougher moments. We are proud of you and believe in you.
I wish you great success. An entire nation is watching you and is proud of you.
I want to thank the coaches and the support staff because I know that this is not the work of one man, and also Minister 'Hili' Tropper. The State of Israel has an amazing Culture and Sports Minister, who works with all his heart, professionally and earnestly, in support of the entire world of sports."
Culture and Sports Minister Tropper:
"There is a group of winners here. Everyone here is already a winner, a winner over endless challenges every day. I believe that we have a good chance that this special group will secure more victories and achievements and I am full of optimism ahead of the delegation's departure.
There is a group here that is not only exceptionally well qualified and meets every possible criterion – Israeli and international, it is also full of spirit and character. We are very, very proud of you. I tell you, all of you, athletes, delegation heads and support staff, we are behind you, for the best and for the worst. We are counting on you. Good luck!"
📸 Government Press Office
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