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IDF VIDEO: What do you think of the IDF's new technology?

In the Golan Heights, a joint exercise of the Artillery Corps "Sky Rider's Unit" and 402nd Battalion.

Using NEW technology to impact the future. WATCH!

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Pamela Hackner 14:43 26.02.2023
It is wrong to show these exercises, for the Arabs to see. The IDF in the old days this woukd be secretive
Peter Palagonia 12:14 26.02.2023
The machines are there. The will is too. But the biggest ingredient pushing Israeli military innovation on every front is IQ.
Rene Aguiluz 11:27 26.02.2023
Better soldiers than their clumsy enemies.
Suzanne Aladjem 04:35 26.02.2023
Amazing technology ✡️👏👏
03:08 26.02.2023
Yossef E 02:33 26.02.2023
עם ישראל חי וקיים!✨🇮🇱✨
Danielle Pentecost 02:32 26.02.2023
It’s great, Israel needs to protect itself.