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With a 1-2% chance of survival, teen recovers

Flown from Ukraine to Israel: After 3 months in Israeli ICU with a rare infection, Anna Kosma is released to rehab; ‘Doctors see this once in a lifetime,’ says her physician.

TOIA reports a teenager has made a remarkable recovery in Jerusalem, three months after being airlifted from Ukraine when she was deep in a coma and thought to have a tiny chance of survival.

As the health system crumbled around her in Ukraine this spring, Anna Kosma was having several seizures a day. Local doctors had given the 18-year-old medicine that temporarily paralyzed her, and her family didn’t know where to turn.

Source - TOIA - Image - Courtesy of Shaare Zedek Medical Center

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Patsy Webb 03:01 02.09.2022
We are created by God we are created for God he has us in the palm of his hand She was blessed to be in the holy city may God bless and keep those that help
Raymond Fodor 23:17 01.09.2022
It's not the hospital dear fellow world citizens that is blessed by HaShem. It's the wonderful physicians & staff entrusted with the child's care. Wake up, the Jewish people are blessed
[Anonymous] 10:02 01.09.2022
God has his hand on this hospital. They do marvelous things there.
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